Exercise for weight loss belly and sides

The extra inch to bring in the waist of the un lot of discomfort to the people with overweight, due to the complex and the doubt. In search of the perfect body weight loss is ready to do many things: exhausting diets, exhausting exercise in the gym or even taking drugs — in the rhythm of things. Today we are going to talk about the complex of exercises for the weight loss of maybe minnesota) and sides. Are they really effective? What we have results to wait? We will learn more in this article. weight loss

Effective exercises for weight loss and sides of the ventre

Physical exercise and very good for the body because:

  • strengthen the immune system;
  • improve the circulatory system;
  • increase the strength of the resistance;
  • depression and reduce the apathy, because we are the class for active the production of "hormone of happiness" — serotonin;
  • hard for the oxygen supply to the cell dl·lules;
  • stimulate the brain, concentration, or improve the maximum output, the propensity to learning;
  • to reduce insomnia, to make a high-quality, deep;
  • slow down the aging process of the cell dl·lules and tissues;
  • normalize the metabolism;
  • strengthen the muscles, improve the body posture.

The most important thing for choosing the un individual set of exercises that matches with the medical and state of health. People with a large amount of excess weight, for example, many types of fitness is contraindicated as it can cause injuries to the knees and the lower back, increase in blood pressure and many more. In this case, as the un training a simple walk. It is scientifically proven that walking for 30-40 minutes a day reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, improves health, increases the general tone of the body.

The causes of excess fat

excess fat

Fat in the abdominal area and the sides can be to accumulate a variety of reasons:

  1. Health problems. The extra inches around the waist may indicate the presence of destinations diseases, as well as visceral fat And how? — deposits of all the internal organs, preventing the normal functioning of the systems.
  2. Unhealthy lifestyle: sedentary work, the abundance of fatty foods, fast food, lack of sleep can cause excess fat. Com offers?
  3. Psychological Factors: the inability to cope with the different circumstances of the life, of the habit of "seizing" stress and for the company or from boredom.

The extra weight appears to one or destinations reasons for at the same time, so you in the fight against excess kilos you must un comprehensive approach: work with the psychologist to develop a right eating habits, physical exercise and proper nutrition.

To start training?

The formacio regularly should be at least three times a week, then you will only be able to get visible results. Each lesson is divided into two parts: cardiovascular and strength.

Cardio Exercises help to encourage the body, to prepare for the next load, in addition:

  • accelerate the metabolism;
  • reduces the levels of cortisol — the so-called "stress hormone", an excess of which often leads to overeating and the alteration, lack of sleep;
  • improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system and systems the respiratory system, increasing the resistance;
  • actively burn calories, in comparison with the second, power part of the lesson.

Cardio workout should include exercise charm, replacement fast of the other, so that the body did not have time to get used to. You can run and jump switch with high hips lift, you will get to the squats and lunges. Ideally, this part lasted un minimum of 20 minutes and the weight loss will be useful to organize the un-packed routine cardio 2-3 times per week for 40-60 minutes. Still active to walk un to the fast-paced, will be a good option.

The un set of exercises for burning fat

Currently, in the fitness world actively used the so-called interval formacio in the different systems. Recorded more you: a burden of a different kind is substituted, so that the body does not have time to get used to constantly working at the limit of actively burning calories. This formacio strengthens the muscles, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, and improves metabolism, accelerates the synthesis of proteins.

Include exercises These three main groups of exercises:

  1. Aerobic: running, Cycling, walking, jump rope, jumping, dancing. Increase heart rate, increase sweating, helping the body to heat up, to prepare for the next part.
  2. Power: crunches, plank, bending the leg and lifts. They are designed to strengthen the muscles.
  3. Gymnastics or stretching in the final phase of the formacio, which helps to relax, restore breathing and heartbeat.

Women for weight loss you can approach yoga, asanas (movement, exercise) one gradually replaces the other, promote calm, decrease stress, but good enough to work with the groups directors muscle. Run them at home, I Mat to replace the un ordinary towel.

Running or walking

running or walking

Running walking or — which to choose for weight loss? The majority of the people say that probably the first option, of course, brings us. The un avenue for many seemed to be the usual occupation, which does not contribute to the burning of the fat. And really so? Let us see the main differences:

  1. Walking helps to strengthen the calf muscles, which run in the chest, back, shoulders, thighs, and buttocks.
  2. While jogging the person experiencing a "phase of flight", which leads the un's big enough shock to the spine and the joints. At the foot of this phase is not.
  3. Walk safe, which is not and the truth about the execution, which significantly increases the probability of injuries and different pathologies due to the increase of work load for the heart, respiratory system, spine, joints.

Running and walking, the impact is different in each person. If the health problems not running pren physical and mental pleasure, then, to the weight loss, with a best to choose them. If there are problems with the cardiovascular system, the spine, the joints in or out for each race causes a moral discomfort, a walk to the best option. To go in this case, preferably, at least one hour, keeping the pace fast enough, the daily rate will be around 8000-10000 thousand steps or 5-7 kilometers and a recipe for longevity, a good remedy for many diseases.

Exercise strap

Exercise of "table" of fitness monitors and deservedly considered to be un classic, because it uses almost all the groups directors muscle:

  • press: uses direct, oblique muscles of the abdomen;
  • back: strengthen lower back, correcting posture;
  • great pectoral, deltoid;
  • gluteal;
  • quads;
  • calf;
  • the hips.

When the exercise "table" is used to evenly distribute the load on all muscle groups, due to d and this will ensure efficiency. In addition when running sense load on the knee, making the bar accessible to people with difficulties of the of diseases locomotor system, but also original works of art only consult with a doctor and the guidance under of an expert, an instructor of fitness.


Classic opening refers to the set of exercises isometric: properly if this is done, there are no beds and no loading of the joints of the body and still statically attached. It has two versions:

  1. The emphasis on direct hands. This option is the most simple available for beginners, because the burden falls on his feet.
  2. The emphasis on the elbows. To maintain this position more difficult, that it distributes the weight evenly across all anchor points: forearms, elbows, the muscles of the leg. Will take a great effort to keep the body in a level position.

To run the that must be emphasized in the straight, arms or elbows, like push-UPS. The body should be lying in a straight line. The exercise has un second name — "the Board", which descriu the precisely the essence of the posture: there should be no deviations in the lower part of the back, buttocks, legs straight, knees tightened. S This must hold 20-30 seconds, during which will be felt all the muscle groups, and it is also possible the appearance of s or shuddering sensation of heat — all this shows the success of The application. The bar a easy to do at home, does not require a computer or special forms.


At the Side of his table he works the muscles of the waist and the sides. Can also be run based on the straight arm, the elbow, and the sequence to the following:

  • a position for strap;
  • expand housing 90 degrees, adopting a stable position of a hand is based on the floor, the chair, carpet, the other must rise up;
  • for the full-body stretch in a single line, you must receive a feeling of tension in the waist, lateral trunk muscle;
  • to maintain this position for 20-30 seconds.

The side plank requires the un monitoring balance, improve coordination, and concentration.


The woman and not easy to get un ventre because of the anatomical characteristics: for the realization of a child needs enough body fat. But in the majority of cases, of course, excess weight and a result of the poor Group, the lack of physical activity and psychological problems. The most important thing — time to bend, and you can start with very simple exercises — twisting.

There are destinations versions:

  1. Classic.
  2. The reverse (or do leg lifts).
  3. Slope — "elbow-knee".

Can be done at home with just a Mat or in the gym with special equipment. Consider the technique in more detail later in the section "Exercises lying on the ground."

Breathing exercises

More recently, extended breathing exercises, ensuring that to eliminate a possible suspension of the ventre, the flanks for the un short period of time. It can be used as a complement to regular yoga poses or fitness to improve the work of the respiratory system. In addition, this type of exercises can be used as a meditation, a relax, calm down, it might be a good weapon to deal with the stress.

But every sensitive person that should d"to understand safely and without harm to health to eliminate hanging from the ventre and possible only through the formacio continuous, calorie deficit, changes in eating habits, breathing techniques will help me of data just a little to speed up the process.

Jump rope

Jump the rope and a good option to start and finish un training, will help the body wake up, tram, and warm up before the power part. In addition, regular jump:

  • to improve the coordination ;
  • contribute to the development of the cardiovascular system;
  • strengthen lungs and the Respiratory tract;
  • the correct posture.

A sufficient for 3-5 minutes before the original work of art and formacio to increase your maximum performance. The only problem — jump the rope and contraindicated for people with diseases of the heart and the spine, women during menstruation, pregnancy, and with a degree of high obesity.

Gymnastic Hoop

Another pretty Marta in the women's method to reduce the volume in the abdominal area waist and exercises with special gymnastic Hoop — hula hooping. Him and really able to help, but it will be their effect on local — is a few inches will stop the torso, all other areas will remain intact.

In addition, do not strengthen muscles, but it only gives a massage effect which promotes the drainage of lymph. Hula hoops wounds can be left on the skin, all depends on the weight and the quality of rubber that is done.

Classes with hula hooping and contraindicated for women during the critique of the dies in pregnancy, gynaecological diseases, the presence of the skin rash, itching.

The tracks

Tilts help to strengthen the muscles in the sides of the abdomen and the waist. This offers a simple but un exercise very sure, known to many of time to the school. Technique perform the following:

  • from the standing position, feet shoulder width apart;
  • in the rush of s should increase your right hand and the left to tilt the, if tested as at the left;
  • on the inhale return to the starting position;
  • in the expire, do un-twist in the other direction.

To enhance the effect, you can pick up the hot at 0.5-1.5 kg or fixed to the wrist of weights. This includes the work of the muscles of the quadriceps, biceps, chest and back.

The opinion of un specialist

the opinion of a specialist

Experienced instructors of the fitness say-so sense funnels: do not believe that the tempting photos of the category "before and original work of art," the mythic reviews, the promise of the bomb up the ass or make six pack abs ca 10 days. Work on the body of the un's long process that does not combine only the regular exercise but also proper nutrition, work with psychology. Since s has explained this sequence, see above. Food restriction and exhausting classes will not work if the person does not and able to cope with the stress, continues to seize the difficult situations and or always have problems with all the business of the home.

So, for quality, competent weight loss sense loss to the health, both physical and psychological, and best to consult the specialists of the weight loss. Only you will be able tackle the problem comprehensively, to choose a technique that easily ex: to life and to ensure your site will be a part of it.