The Diet Dukan

For many residents of a particular country, a big problem of weight. Fight him jade some with the whole life, that someone t' "floats" back and forth, I was gaining while losing new weight, but some still reach your ideal weight and keep it with all efforts at all times. And for those who are tired of looking at going wild cock and desperate sigh, unable to overcome the layer of fat from the stomach and cellulite on the hips, a universal salvation and in this the diet Pierre Ducane. You have not heard about it?

the diet

Yes, maybe, and everything, because she and very popular in the ancient world, but other countries are on the point or did not know all or only in small nuggets of information. This salvation and the diet of annoying rice, buckwheat, kefir and other mono-diet, that take imaginary weight loss. The varied diet, free wi-fi, and ideal for people who love to eat tasty, not too lazy, you can cook your food. The motto: of the diet: "eat as much as you want!". Sounds good, right? It is not the food to the enemy, and an assistant in the fight with calories and fat, but important.

A few words about the author of the diet, you need to know the world, the Savior of pounds?! Pierre Dukan-known French nutritionist, a doctor who for over 30 years, participating actively has been in the study of foods, their effects on the body. Working on something such as food behavior, he managed to discover the secret of perfect weight and the way to achieve it.

Pierre Dukan, a l 19 the author of the books, which are the fruits of many years of experience d and practice, but the most important and magnificent best-seller "I don't know how to lose weight", which was released in 2011, but actively read all his fans who want to lose weight sense harm for the health and for all!!! The Book was translated to destinations languages and has sold more than ten countries around the world.

Diet Dr. Ducane is based on the consumption of foods that are protein-easily digested by the body it helps me to get rid of weight. In this case the body to clean, shows all the toxins, the metabolism will go very well. The staple meat in the diet, fish, vegetables and most importantly – saved. The most attractive and convincing, and the period of the diet, depends on the number of kilograms of excess weight, that will let me the time and your body.

the diet Dukan

Before the diet Dukan and start, you should know your optimum weight, it is worth striving for. This can be done through services that are easy to find on the Internet. You can enter all the required parameters (current weight, the desired, the attempts of loss of weight, growth, pregnancy, etc.) and the figure of the ideal weight for you. As you can see, both on the individual level. Reach More than "the Bar", a will help you follow a diet in destinations stages: in each stage is calculated in function of the duration of the weight-loss that very easily allows you to control the duration of the weight loss. So, let's get to the stages that are divided into the diet Dukan. There are only 4. Read more about each of the un.

Stage 1 called "Attack"

As the name suggests, you can assume that the attacker's weight, causing them significant loss. And the shortest and the progressive period of the diet by Dr. Dukan. Its duration is calculated in the following way:

If the extra 5 kg or less "Attack" jade a couple of days
Gained 5-10 pounds? Original work of art attack kilogrammchik 3-5 days
If the excess of more than 10 kg, and the stage of the un delay of 5-7 days, well, a maximum of 10

To eat during this period, only proteins: meat, fish, low-fat and eggs and dairy. During all this time until one can take 6 kg effort sense.

Now more about the products that attack the weight.

You can eat:

  1. Any lean meat: beef, crostini, beef, meat of horse (all the meats, except meat and pileski), rabbit. For the pork and the lamb – a taboo! Ready sense of the oil.
  2. The liver, the kidneys, the lungs, the head, of beef, veal, poultry giblets, as well as the tip of the tongue of beef.
  3. Any bird, except d ' duck and goose, without any skin type.
  4. Ham sense, the skin, the fat, 2 to 4 percent.
  5. Any fish, regardless of the method of preparation.
  6. Fish and seafood.
  7. Eggs, but not more than 2 of oxidized proteins in quantity unlimited. If you have cholesterol levels high, reduce the consumption of egg yolks to 3-4 per week.
  8. Dairy products, low in fat. You can also dry milk 0% fat, no more than 3 tablespoons per day.

All this to add a can you cook sense, the oil and fat, you can eat whenever you want, all of us who like to count calories and is not true.

Pierre Dukan

Some of the products that s has caused to consume with:

  • no coffee and tea;
  • the vinegar and the soy sauce;
  • any greens, caraway seeds, bulbs, until the middle of the day and other species;
  • gelatin, baking powder in the baking powder and the agar-agar;
  • pair cucumber, can be used as a condiment;
  • lemon juice for the filling;
  • salt and mustard – a little bit otherwise, the excess water will not come out from the body;
  • zero calorie substitutes for sugar (fructose, glucose and sorbitol, etc.);
  • Grupo drinks;
  • you can eat 8 crab sticks;
  • and oil possible l l use paraffin (1 tablespoon), and high because it does not in calories, it coats the intestines, allowing them to normalize their work, improves a chair. Use for frying, not the heat, dressing perfect for salads.

In any case, and necessary:

1) 1.5 tablespoons Food of bran per day oat
2) Easy exercises and a daily 20-minute walk
3) Drink 2 litres of water (tea / coffee)

If you want to feel the un a bad taste in the mouth, a bad smell don't worry, and perfectly acceptable phenomenon, it suggests which you are on the right track. You can go to the second stage.

Menu for Attack dies

Step 2 – Alternation or Cruise

This stage jade as much as the stairs do not show the desired name optimal. A feature of this period that the protein and alternate days with protein-vegetable. Diet Pierre Ducane choose offers its own bands – 1/1, 2/2 or 5/5. For people with a large excess of weight and recommended to continue with the scheme 5/5, those who have the un small excess of optimally 1/1, so that the body and you'll feel better.

Prohibited list of vegetables (starchy and not only):


Avocado, all legumes, not beans, peas, corn, potatoes, lentils, olives and all kinds of cereals and pasta. Artichoke is still not s has identified no group of products so that their use should be minimized. All other vegetables can be, however, and the carrot beet should eat in small quantities, since they contain sugar. For variety you can include in the diet 1 tablespoon of tomato paste (tomato sauce), as well as yogurt 0% with fruit. For the kitchen you can use all of the products from the phase of "Attack" that they should eat with moderation.

The innovations are these:

1) Bran and now eat 2 tbsp a day.
2) If necessary, a tablespoon of wheat bran will help with constipation.
3) Dairy foods should be more of a 1 kg, to control it.
4) the water from the same 2l.
5) And now you need to walk at least an hour.

Due to the alteration of the protein with vegetables will normalize the metabolism, the water will come out from the body, removing waste products, toxins, fat and salt. As soon as you notice that the arrow on the scales became a cherished figure, and more for a phase called "Consolidation".

Menu of the Cruise he dies

Phase # 3 – "Consolidation" or "Consolidation weight"


This phase will help to consolidate the results that I will last based lost pounds. therefore, if you lost in the second stage, 5 kg, the Consolidation will have a duration of dies 50, 10 kg – 100 dies, etc. d s Obtains a dies lost free 10 the 3rd phase. Original works of art of the two steps above, I want diversity and something new? Please! Now you can afford the luxury of 40 grams of hard cheese that contains un 40% fat in dry matter. Less % of fat, more than cheese you can eat. Also a pair of bread slices rye, a fruit author (except bananas, cherries and grapes), and a couple of slices or watermelon and melon. As for the meat, now and possible to eat roast pork, bacon and lamb in any quantity.

And a couple of good now, once a week to nibble serving of vegetables starchy, as well as to make a "vacation" to you means that any of food first, second and dessert (appetizer, a glass of wine, the cheese with). But all of this should eat in one sitting for Breakfast or lunch. Now make a division of the stage in half. For example, you must comply with the consolidation of 80 days. The first part of the"40 dies: a portion of starchy and a "party" in a week, but the next 40 you can party dies I eat starchy a couple of times a week.

For What do we mean starchy? Here, the list and amount of permissible for consumption:

  • - Pasta. You can eat around 220 grams. taste of pasta with natural tomato of the onions, or protrusive a small amount of cheese "Parmesan".
  • - All the wheat and bulgur couscous and corn, and allowed in the amount of 200 gr.
  • - Lentils. It can be 200-220 gr. helps to stabilize weight due to its content of carbohydrates lenses.
  • - Beans, peas and chickpeas are very nutritious, they can also be a bit.
  • Ar l and the potatoes, that has to be used very rarely, small portions, 125 grams necessarily potatoes en uniform). The whole grain rice can be used in the import of 220 gr.
diet result

What not to do:

  1. organize two consecutive party
  2. require Supplement of have a sense of proportion

Choose a day of the week, and a say, the unloading of the protein, in order that all the excess calories could easily get away and let this day will be always the same, for example - on Thursday. Bran is now the need of food in tablespoons of 2.5 fins per day and walk un at least 25 minutes a day.

Menu to celebrate the days

Step 4 – "Stabilization"

  1. Well, here we are coming to the final stage called Stabilization. There are some rules, original works of art that you will not gain weight throughout life, but one important to follow them.
  2. Eat as before, but controlling the amount of food. Better and more protein vegetables, do not overdo it with the fruit, cheese, bread, I starchy foods.
  3. Keep a protein faithful fasting day and the weight will never return.
  4. Of water for at least 2l.
  5. Walking every day and 20 minutes.
  6. More walking, sightseeing elevators, escalators, and if you can, getting out of a taxi at the bus stop before/original work of art that I got to go home/work. Check that it works!
  7. Bran and 3 tablespoons food necessary per day every day.

Diet recipes Dukan

At the same there are many recipes for the followers of the diet Dukan and not to think that and boring and monotonous, try to you can cook various dishes.

Salad egg

Take two boiled to hard-boiled eggs, heaps of green onions, low-in-fat cream, sour (yogurt) and spices. For you can cook, even though very simple: the eggs in a cut cubes, add finely dice cut the onion and tbsp of a sour cream seasoned with salt and voila, a tasty salad, and egg is ready.

Pancakes Pumpkin soup with salmon

Take a pound of zucchini and grate them on a grater coarse, give the juice to drain. In the meantime, take 3 eggs, a couple of tablespoons of cornstarch and a pepper, all stir, add the salmon chopped, and the spices with salt. This homogeneous mass, mix with zucchini and make zucchini pancakes in a Teflon pan meaning the oil. On point!!!

Three minutes bread


  • 2 tablespoons of oat bran 1 tablespoon of wheat
  • a couple of eggs
  • corn starch 3-4 tablespoons d'
  • 2 tablespoons of yogurt
  • Bank of fresh cheese and 0-1% fat
  • 1 sachet of baking powder

The starch and a little of the bran potseluem, add the yeast and mix to a background. In another bowl, mix the yogurt, eggs and cottage cheese. Combine all, stir and put in the form. Bake in the oven for about 20-30 minutes. Goes well with salmon weak salting and cucumber.

Hake baked in foil

Take the fillets of hake, pickling in lemon juice, add salt, species of fish of different herbs, wrap in foil and bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes.

Reviews of the diet Dukan and simply great lent, many women in age people have achieved impressive results, original work of art have lost 50! free and took the form of teenage girls. Between the homes, reviews of the diet Dukan and good, also, to all those who aspired to the"ideal weight get the desired result, I have felt physical discomfort psychological.

Consider the main advantages and disadvantages of the diet Dr. Ducane:



  • in the first days, fatigue can be, that and due to the appearance in the body of bodies that ketone reduce the appetite;
  • the lack of vitamins, do it preformed vitamin complex;
  • the lack of fat and still, so that you can sometimes add a bit of vegetable oil;
  • the diet Dukan a may not like hanashima cooking for people;
  • not suitable for people with intolerance persistent food certain allergies and people with diseases of the stomach.


  • using only natural, the most useful of products;
  • perfect result, even if the resistance of the organism to the diet;
  • great motivation at the stage of "Attack", weight rapidly;
  • I delicious healthy;
  • you can eat a lot and always;
  • diet very easy to follow, regardless of the house you can work in an office or complex.

Try the miracle of the diet Pierre Ducane and evaluate its effectiveness!