A little bit of exercise for weight loss belly and sides

As Everyone knows, a system of n and easy to gain extra pounds on the waist abdomen I. But this why it happens?


To understand the mechanism of this process, you will be able to build a program of weight reduction and reduction of volumes of problem zones. "The fat's accumulating a cause of the excess intake of calories. Extra energy This entity that the reserves, explains Victoria Kasilova, personal trainer and founder of the laboratory of personal fitness. And it is possible to make an analogy: imagine you took the money, bought gold bars and put them in the safe, closed. Now imagine that you have decided to recover the money. In the first place to find you need the key of the safe deposit box, open it, do not stop to take out the bars, go to exchange them for money. Lipolysis With the same thing: to start the process of weight loss, you need to activate to many factors, hormones certain, a calorie deficit. We must create a demand for energy that the body he wanted the reservation for most of it."

Remove the sides and ventre: where to start?

With the understanding of the fact that the human body does not can lose weight at the local level, and mean it only in one area was the largest pour in the concrete. "You are gaining extra lose weight and weight according to your Constitution and genetics," — says Ekaterina Demidova, a teacher trainer to guide the group of programs of the Federal agency of same the of fitness clubs. So that to the left of the proverbial "Mouth", and your stomach became more flat, you have to reduce the weight of the review's overall diet and exercise.

leg lifts

However, in order to collect them wisely. "There are un mite that we exercise the muscle, we burn fat. — Head of it. Because the process of weight loss happens throughout the body and not at the local level. But we can work on the problem area. In what way? To form un muscle, to develop strength or mobility. Specifically to burn fat in a particular place, we can't, because he leaves of calculation for the characteristics of your body. Someone quickly and easily loses volume in the legs, some in the stomach area, and someone is reduced first chest, back, and then just all the rest. Body first The gives the fat of those places where a less considered priority storage. And the most important places (in women and, often, the ventre, the hips and thighs), giving "stock" much worse". Therefore, a balance weight loss program s include strength training and cardio, and proper nutrition.

To get rid in the fat of the abdomen: the main errors

The most common errors coaches the following in mind:

1. Use of the formacio thermal corset or by the film of plastic. "There are un myth that at the edge of sweat, we lose weight, says Victoria Kasilova. But not from ho. With the sweat, the fat will not disappear. If all of a so simple, that only podia to walk to lose weight in a sauna. In fact, as a result, never leaving just the liquid. And sometimes good need. The excuse of the "sweatshops" devices", they dehydrate the body and increase the burden on the heart of the system." Added With the risk of harming the internal organs. "For example, the corset during the year increases the pressure on the internal organs, impairs blood circulation and gives muscle depth of the work."

the deflection side

2. The rejection of the functional exercise. The idea of the weight loss quick stomach apartment d some, ignore any exercises, never leaving you in your fitness schedule, turning only to the press. In vain! "First, not the press, and bombarded by untrained, lose body, says Victoria Kasilova. — If a person begins to train in the first place, lifting up the un-marked arms, legs, back and then only — pack abs". And all this you can only get her if a "sports" menu, to be able to functional and formacio, and that, again, will have to work all the muscles of the body.

Second, for themselves, the exercises are not as energy intensive as many of the basic movements like squats, pulls, pushups. "To create the un increased consumption in calories (a key condition for slimming the abdomen, hips and throughout the body), you need to work the big muscles. A similar This to the way the engine of a car: "a compact car" consumes little gasoline, a SUV more times. So the SUV and the muscles of the legs, and "runabout" and the abdominal muscles". In addition, an excess of only working with the region of the stomach, you risk to hurt the back. "Not being able to work the body, I fanatically load of the press, and more likely to be injured back, hernia, or bulge, more than a beautiful dance of ventre. Because these movements have un effect compressive in the spinal column."

3. Performing unnecessary or inappropriate exercises. The first and the bending of the band with shots. "Not effectively deal with the sides in this way. As a Waist if they are thinner and will not be made. Some muscle groups are strengthened, but the expected effect does not succeed. Bend with dumbbells if you don't if hurt in the back no hassle, if you help as a placebo. But the advantage of the un's special this year will not be. Better to make a diagonal twisting, lying, and safer for the lower back".

exercises with fitball

Who should perform the exercises for the dance of ventre and sides

Concentrate on the elaboration of the abdominal muscles, experts suggest only in some cases. "The bomb of this area separately for beginners, for those who have no formacio of the rehabilitation works of original art, original works of art of the birth. Here are useful easy way to curl lying on the ground and a table similar exercises with stable supports, says Victoria Kasilova. And necessary to combine in a single author's sternum and the pelvis. The coupling between these areas smooth. To do so, to be tough and able to common exercises to perform to cope with the tasks of the household sense back injuries, and the need of a simple exercise of the abdominal muscles".

Apply The same s to the speakers of the athletes. "And necessary to Also include in the training exercises for those who are the human towers preparing for — for example, fitness bikinicom," adds Victoria Kasilova. If you have been doing exercise and we're not going to take part in competitions fitness bikini, has no sense more to download the press. "Once it's been practiced for some time, he developed the coordination of the exercises program s is excluded as a lower priority one. Because the press in the big exercises works as a stabilizer, and compatible with your body it will perform when put to the squat, with weight, pull-UPS, presses, pulls, push-UPS".

The most effective Exercises for weight loss and sides of the ventre

the push-up position with the fitball

There are many types of exercises for that area, but not all of them can give you the desired effect. In addition, all traffic is not available for the formacio of a house. "I would recommend to do it at home, we are the exercises are simple from the point of view of the technology. And advisable to develop un programme of various movements: press consists of many small fibres, which are at different angles. The combination of different exercises, you will be able to use them". We experts propose to compile a list of the most sure, easy, simple exercises for the press. Here they are:

Table: "the un year-round, that they work with actively deep muscles, the bodies and transverse abdominis obliques. You can perform different types of straps — a classic, next, or the dynamics of the most important to perform them with skill and properly. Instead of minutes of bars and most efficient to make several right d un break with a couple of seconds the so-called "fractional" bar".

Torsion Incomplete: "the Interpretant of the curl, place only by the bottom edge of the leaves so that activate the rectus abdominal and oblique", — Ekaterina says.

"The plaza": "In this position, when done correctly, you will be able to insulation to work on core muscles" — reminds Ekaterina Demidova.

Also effectively work the stomach area and the sides will help to directly exercise "it s been designed" for this area. Almost all of the power base of a squat, push, etc. "S abdominal exercises understood to not work always, not only the abdominal muscles, involved, we have the entire core — the muscles that are in the center of the body, connects the sternum and the pelvis" — sums up Victoria Kasilova.

the muscles of the legs

We Win ask to show us the un is a group of exercises that takes into account all these factors.

How to build a lesson

  • Start your simple training with a set of exercises or 10 minutes cardiopatici. This will help us to prepare the muscles and joints to stress.
  • Perform all exercises consecutively.
  • Follow the breath: the main effort that must be made to the exhale.
  • To participate in this program 4-6 times a week.
  • Slowly increase the load. "Adaptation of the organism (and, therefore, the change in appearance) only when it produces the create stress, the extra mile, Therefore, preferably, every week, a little bit complicate in the study: the use of weights and increase the number of repetitions".
  • Complete formacio Cardioceratidae. If your schedule does not, regular strength training, we must add to our of cardiosense complex and 40-50 minutes of swimming, Biking, Running a two, three times a week. "Cardio will create the consumption of calories, with your help we can get rid of the part of the fat, but abdominal exercises help make the muscles stronger." You will need a Mat and fitball.

Direct torsion

oblique twists

Lie down on your back, knees slightly bend. The lower part of the back press to the floor. The work of the abdominal muscles, exhale lift the shoulders off the floor, extend your hands forward, the hands touch the knees. Do not strain the neck and shoulders. Gently to the back Mat. This will constitute one repetition. Do 15-20 of these.

Oblique twists

Lie down on your back, knees slightly bend. The lower part of the back press to the floor. The work of the abdominal muscles, exhale lift the shoulders off the floor and the body of the control to the right. Extend the hands in front of him. Do not strain the neck and shoulders. A little a little return to the initial position. 15-20 repetitions carried out in each direction.

Reverse crunches

Lie down on your back, extend hands along the body. Bend your knees slightly I lift her legs up. Press the lower part of the back to the earth. The work of the abdominal muscles, exhale lift your pelvis off the floor and put more in the legs behind your head. The stomach should touch the thighs. Gently to the initial position. Perform 15-20 repetitions of the exercise.

side table in the dynamic

Twisting with the object the enlargement of the pelvis

Lie down on your back, the hands connect to the castle in the back of his head. Relax the neck and shoulders. The lower part of the back press to the floor. Legs up and crossed my ankles. On the exhale, the work of the abdominal muscles, while lifting the Mat over the shoulder and the pelvis. A little a little return to the initial position. Perform 15-20 repetitions of the exercise, watch your breath.

Next to his table in the dynamic

Can be found to your right, the right arm and bend the elbow and lean on the forearm. Leave The legs and the rest of the floor of the lateral surfaces of the feet, the left hand side, his place in the hip. There is the cave and at the waist. Exhale lift your pelvis off the floor, work the abdominal muscles and the back. Softservices at the top for a seconds 3-4, return to the initial position. 20 repetitions to Complete each direction.

The rotation of the legs from a position prone

Sit on the chair mat with your legs straight. Lean A bit of new housing. Bend your elbows, back a little I lean on the forearm. Bend the legs and the hip pull them. The sacrum press to the floor. The work of the abdominal muscles, the cortex and the hips slowly to get the fingers of the feet and the legs straight, to the left, return to center and lower them to the right. This will constitute one repetition. Perform 10-20 of these.

Sit-UPS on a fitball

Lie on a fitball with your left side, placing the ball body and the pelvis. Leave The legs and the rest on the floor next to the surface of the foot. Position your left arm, I put her hand on the back of the head. The right hand lightly, keeping the ball in front of him. The work of the abdominal muscles and the crust on the exhale slowly lift the upper part of the body of the exercise of the ball. It is not, nor is back in DOWN the bottom of the back. Inhaling return to the start. This will constitute one repetition. Run 20-30 of them in each direction.

The object of the enlargement of the pelvis on the fitball

the abdominal muscles

Stand at the bar of the un with the support on the straight arms, placing the feet on the fitball. Not to increase the diversion to the lower back and not slouch. Bend your knees and work the abdominal muscles, push your pelvis up. Pull the thigh to the abdomen, podkalivat the exercise ball closer to your hands. A little a little return to the initial position. This will constitute one repetition. Run 20-30 of these.

Reduce the legs with fitball

Lie down on your back, pull feet forward, between your legs, hold the fitball. Hands pull along the body. Raise with the legs fitball fins indicate in place of a land and work the abdominal muscles bark and l on the exhale, lower to the restaurant the angle of 30 to 40 degrees. This will constitute one repetition. Run 20-30 of these.

Dynamic plank

Take l s clean emphasis, directly into the hands. Not to increase the diversion to the lower back, relaxing the neck and shoulders. Activate the muscles of the anterior surface of the body of the muscles of the body, legs, arms. Then, alternately bend the elbows, I went down to the table in the forearms. Return to the starting position. Perform high repetitions of exercises in a minute.

When you wait for the results?

Many experts agree that rapid weight loss (10 days, for example), damage health and lead a company equally fast increase in weight. In addition, there is the risk that the return of the pound' s "bring friends" — the fat body, accumulate in case of a new hunger strike or period of grueling workouts.

pivot table

It makes sense more for you to lose weight gradually. "It's always our effort and directly proportional relationship to our results. Adhering to a proper diet and exercise 4-5 times a week, month, the un later, we'll see the first results. But do not forget that the process of weight loss, a very individual, and always necessary to take into account the characteristics of each un I, for example, a "data source". The most important thing, focus on what you want to achieve, not on the difficulties, and then you are sure to achieve any goal." So pren note that our scheme of the exercise, do it regularly I can see the first results of the weight loss in a month.