Diet for weight loss

Diet – a great option for those who want to lose weight quickly and effectively, without spending too much effort. Diets that are very Different. Despite having different effects on the body. So before you choose a diet, to subject a un medical examination and read tips about diet personal experience. On this page you can only proven and effective methods of weight loss with special diets for the.


Some diet easy to follow, menu because its balanced and varied. The result of these diets do not appear immediately, but can last for several years. Modern diets more rigid they are, but provide a quick result, but it probably will last a short time. A Good diet should take into account the characteristics of the body individuals. And very important to fulfill all the recommendations of the diet and to maintain it all. You will find A continuation of the un positive result. If you do not resign, be carefully to take care of myself was soon the owner of a beautiful and slender body.

Correct A list of the diets for effective weight loss, and vegetable-rich diet.

Today is almost every woman concerned about the problem of getting rid of the excess weight. In search of the perfect body of a girl tortured un heavy, useless, and often harmful, diets, and spend many hours of their time in the gyms. But beautiful ways that can be achieved easier. Unfortunately, the majority of people do not think about because of your integrity and choose your own diet. In fact, the special diet need to collect un dietitian taking into account the characteristics of Your body individuals. Offer to meet with the two diets that help you lose weight sense harm to the body.


In the morning before Breakfast and take the un glass of water. Breakfast salad of Apple, pear and citrus fruit, dressed with a low content of fat yogurt. For lunch and dinner, to eat the required vegetable salad (you can use the vegetables all, except the potatoes), season with lemon juice and the olive oil. During the day, allowed to drink low-fat yogurt. You also need large quantities of drinking water, as well as helpful to be green.


For Breakfast, a meal sandwich bread with butter and an Apple and a banana. Lunch For a couple of potatoes in their jackets and a slice of cheese low in fat. For dinner, 50 grams of boiled chicken breast I was preparing a salad. The main rule of this diet a drink plenty of water before each restaurant meal, eat a salad of celery, tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce. Dress with the salad, lemon juice and spices. Thanks to this diet, You will be able to quickly return your body to sense to expose the body to severe stress. But you need to remember that there is no avenue m that You eat the result will not be the complete sense of the sport. Sport and healthy nutrition, the key to a great figure.

What not to do during the diet and not harm your health.

The decision to go on a diet, causes despair rather than a personal desire to make yourself more pleasant. Often, dieters overdo it with the time and the food, sitting down for un brief period of restriction of their original work of art and diet diet of the beginning, and the bears more than the increase of weight. Very often the people who come to the centre of the city, trying to extract the trainer any soon effective of the diet, quickly and in a short period of time to lose. A easier to eat a carrot in the week which for a long time to eat properly and align your health. But forget s or does not imply that you can lose weight of the un-use. And if all to combine it with exercise, the result will be awesome! Keep in mind that the body, the males jokes do not forgive, and when you play with the food, he give Him again the lost kilos, but with a bonus.

First error. I want to tell you a diet very by prejudice, that it is considered high-speed when the weight loss. This liquid diet. Drink only water, tea, yogurt, kefir. The girls don't even want to say that the damage itself and the stomach that cause! You are not getting the necessary vitamins that causes problems with thinking, movement, occurs the rupture. Also, the stomach is not working properly, not getting fall food that can cause serious problems and much, up to the sore. I original work of art, when You want to return to a normal diet, You will not be able to do because of how will stomach ache, will be the severity and other issues. Let's not forget that the nature has given us for the lumps to chew! The digestion of food, that is already happening in the mouth, normal, necessary for the functioning of the stomach, I gastric fluids! Warn of this Very diet!

Second error. Someone, someone said once that there is a standard of value that has d energy to observe, this, in 1200 kcal. That is, if the un nonsense! Each person has its own energetic value, which should be met. It can be deduced from any table in the Internet. The girl with the growth of 1.75 and a girl with a growth of 1.50, will never be able to use the same number of calories. We also should not forget that the amount en sweetness are not organisms. Just pure products that are beneficial and not by prejudice. The third error. Have heard rumors about how to lose weight fast, need to dry. This means that you need to limit the intake of water for a day for 0,5 litres. In any case, because not to do so! This implies that only the athletes and the competition. Don't get the impression that the water weight increases. Our body is composed of 80% water and if we got him this water to drink, can result in loss of consciousness, or the hospital bed! Check yourself un favor and don't go to these extremes!

night snack

Little tricks secrets that diets for weight loss.

Perhaps, every girl dreams of a beautiful slim figure and toned. And especially true That, if before the season or beach in front of any big holidays - Birthday", " New year, 8th of March. And just as important seem un again highlighting the advantages of dress, or the most beautiful one on the beach. To achieve success, without a doubt, one does not sense that a good part of Grupo. With the help of you will be able to achieve the harmony and the facilitat, to accustom the body to less food intake, and as a progressive result in the loss of weight and to maintain it at the desired level. With the help of sure That this article to learn some small but very effective ways to reduce weight through diet. So let's start. First, almost all diets are based in another food and is based on a basic principle, the principle of not mixing the un set of carbohydrates and proteins. This means that for an un restaurant meal can Be eating carbohydrates or only proteins. The second secret and to eat necessary that often, BUT in small portions. The rule, to measure the volume You consume food, for example, a small Cup.

The third element of our col·col·lecció, however, the point on top of the pot from which You eat. Have you ever thought in Your brain, along with Your stomach sends signals of hunger? If s faced with a big plate and even a sufficient part of food, Your brain signals that it is very good it would be to eat and to eat something more. In order to try to eat only from a small dish, like a plate dishes bell or with a small spoon. In this way You will be able to trick the brain to convince your body that it has enough food on the plate. Fourth paragraph, we would like to see the aesthetic function of the food. If it's dumped into a bunch of chunks of chicken, potatoes and some salad, You will not get any aesthetic pleasure from food consumption, and therefore the satisfaction of the food. If You are very well decorate your dish, in addition to the pleasure of eating serve me, you will be able to enjoy the kind of meals and as a consequence can squeeze into a small amount of food. Well, in the end, in the last the fifth secret of successful weight loss, a always in a good mood, enough physical activity and love of course!

The effects of the diets, and tips on how to eat well in order not to harm the figure.

The un lot of women who want to look good to please and the houses have to resort to different diets which harm the body, which leads to different consequences. There is only un lot of opportunities to torture yourself and show off in front of others. And This is what we discuss in our article. And a very fashionable look, a more slim, looking at the magazine covers in the models are shown in the sense of a single defect with regard to the figures. And why do the girls have to aspire to be like them, applying the most painful steps, to bring your body to the un state of starvation, deprive themselves of The opportunity to eat well. But only this leads to consequences dangerous to remove which can be very difficult:

  • And a violation of the metabolism and subsequently develops cachexia (syndrome wear), sees that it is impressive.
  • As the body suffers from sources of insufficient nutrients intake, there is a weakness, that leads to a dizziness and the reduction of the immunity of a destinations diseases.
  • There is bad mood and irritability, and also insomnia.
  • Lost the focus on the resolution of problems due to the hunger brain tissue.
  • In advanced cases suffer from the hair and nails that become brittle and weak.
  • I don't think that original works of art to terminate the process of fasting you are going to eat sense to increase weight original work of art usually a violation of the food intake, the body of the half trying to make up for the lack of stock and inflames the appetite even more, there is, therefore, un-risk to add un lot of free unnecessary.
  • And behind all of these sacrifices can affect your life, so you don't need to risk it.

A look in good shape and not necessarily to force themselves to hunger strike, you only need to follow some tips that will come in handy in the future:

  • So don't waste your time in the kitchen, many have resorted to the use of products such as fast food (noodles, noodles and potato and much more) that not only leads to the accumulation in the organism of harmful substances, but also metabolic disorders and, of course, increases the weight. Why exclude them diet of his.
  • Eat small portions, but often the food can be digested in the stomach, and remember to chew well and do not rush for the performing arts.
  • The rule, to eat until 18.00 or 19.00 hours, unless someone of course can't work with original works of art 4 hours before you go to sleep, do not place the food in the stomach to put your body extra pounds as we sleep to rest and, and calories burned, but only increase.
  • Eat less sweets, and fats in the oven, not like I'm dient completely abandon these dishes, but just not load them, not to look at myself in the mirror with a sad look.
  • Well, more eat fruits and vegetables - that do not have are also calories and beneficial.

Grupo-fasting, one of the methods of purification of the organism and improves brain function.

Fasting The known since ancient times. It was un of the treatment methods for primitive people. Were more than hundreds many years – the person continues to more of appetite, accidentally injured or suffering. The practice of fasting was not founded as just un method for the cleaning of the body, but also as a spiritual cleansing and restoration. The great Pythagoras before to allow students in science are required to abstain from food during the month. It was believed that it purifies the prolonged fasting and elevated the mind of man to the top. With proper, moderate fasting cleanses the body, restore the health sphere and the spiritual of the person. Now, in the modern world, along with the fasting person uses the medicinal plants.

A way to test the positive impact of fasting on humans have three days of fasting. Original works of art to 72 hours improvement of brain function. He previously resolved the form of a tavern will be simple and clear. Get the un strong memory, to remember the names, the places, the details of the events that have been forgotten a few years ago. The un of the major goals of the man and the development of the intelligence, so did the factor of spiritual development and improvement. This Suggests that the fast use of have a positive effect on a person of destinations ways – hi and the physical restoration, intel·property growth, and spiritual cleaning.

Diet "favorite". reviews and diet.

The un body and a beautiful dream, it seemed I always. Since his childhood, And he was big, but the children did not hesitate, I said that I felt so good. During years 13 beginning I was thinking that I see, not as good as my friends. Have begun to flirt with boys, and to me, that podia to allow"s the luxury to wear pants right very much, but I do not SOC. Soon I became very passive and shy, even if m liked the kids, I pushed them, because they were so thick I felt uncomfortable. I started to feed themselves, but there is no and there are no good led, as in a couple of days one of the water that had eaten me, I, as a result, in addition to kilos. And so it lasted a long time. Then I for the right to decide that I prefer to keep diets. Many diets have tried, but not the result he was satisfied, the weight went away, but not as much as m would love.

And now I want to share my diet that helped me a lot. I sat down 4 months lost 19 lbs. This diet and, probably, known to many girls that ' s called "Favorites". She has won With confidence! To keep it very simple that the diet can be made a variety. The first month I ate very little but drank a lot of liquid. The most of all we leaned on the fruits and vegetables and proteins for each day ate only un chicken breast. The second month, I add the eggs once a week, potatoes once in two weeks. The fourth In the month, I still allowed myself oats, flour in the morning twice a week. But more importantly, I want to say, the desire to lose weight s have to do it from the heart. One of the few it should be a great desire!