How to lose weight quickly.

The majority of the people know that rapid weight loss is bad for your health, but sometimes people close their eyes, trying to get rid of the excess weight for the vacations. What is it, a quick way to lose weight, and what to do in order to prevent the return of weight in the shortest time possible.


How to lose weight correctly and quick

Correct and rapid weight loss are two different things. Proper weight loss involves a long process, designed so weeks, months, or years, depending on the number of pounds that have been recruited and who wants to lose. Rapid weight loss is usually bad for your health, mood and self-esteem. Lost in a matter of days free to return immediately, grab a pair and persist for a long time. However, if the goal is the fastest way to lose weight is to not remove more than two or three pounds before an important event, and to enter into the most coveted dress, then you may have a chance. The loss of weight becomes all the time, but at the party the woman will appear in all its glory. Important! For losing weight quickly is possible, but the consequences can be unpredictable.

Diet for emergency weight loss

Extra weight loss that generally looks like this:

  • people (male or female) is in a starvation diet the week before an important event;
  • the loss of a pound or two in the early days, sometimes survives the entire term;
  • immediately after the event he returned to the style of a previous life;
  • to obtain the loss of weight and a little more;
  • again goes on a diet.

All of this is a fundamental error. Two to three pounds or more may be removed, not by torturing yourself with hunger, but not in the short term. There are several types of short-term (severe) of the diets or food plans. Here to help:

  • buckwheat diet (people for several days drinking water and eating buckwheat without salt);
  • liquid diet (allowed to drink fruit juices, tea and water);
  • proteins of the diet (in the diet of lean poultry, fish and meat, some vegetables of green color).

Please, note! Rapid weight loss is fraught with a sharp restriction of carbohydrates in food and the reduction of calories. It is recommended to drink plenty of fluids. Before any diet you should see a doctor, this is especially important if there are temporary health problems and chronic diseases. At the time of the weight loss necessary to eliminate the high calorie diet of food:

  • sugary drinks (fruit juices, alcohol, soft drinks);
  • dairy products (yogurt, curds, fresh cheese);
  • flour products (bread, cakes, etc.);
  • sweets (candy, chocolate, chewing-gum without sugar);
  • meat products factory production (sausages, ham, sausage, etc.). Contain high amounts of fat and additives, check the fluid. And they increase the appetite.

In order not to harm yourself, you should consult with your doctor and, in any case, not to sit in the same water. It is impossible to reduce the calories to 1000 kcal per day.

What exercise will help you lose weight fast

Due to the loss of weight must be comprehensive. The fastest and guaranteed way to lose weight is to combine sport exercises with dietary restrictions. How to lose weight quickly, if it is not possible to go to a group or individual sessions with a trainer at the fitness club? What happens if nobody wants to help? The answer is simple: you can choose the home workouts. Are good because:

  • you can participate at any time of the day and even in the morning, not being tied to a schedule in clubs;
  • do not need time to reach the site of training, and from there home;
  • there is no reason to skip classes.

Fast help lose weight of cardio exercise (running, fast walking), functional training (using your own weight and a small additional load in the form of special equipment), strength training (lifting weights). But not all are recommended for beginners and people with a significant excess weight. If the person was not previously engaged in sport, practice is with their own weight or choose the cardio. People who are overweight, which exceeds the normal by 20 or more pounds and is only recommended to walk at a brisk. The race to suffer the knees and the lower back. Today, the Internet offers a great amount of independence training that is designed for any preparation for any time. But, before you blindly do that the screen displays a professional coach, you should assess their abilities and health. You can participate in the good health and the absence of contraindications.

Crunches, pushups, jumps and squats will not help to reduce the weight in a short period of time. In the first days after the unusual cargo will hurt the muscles, were not involved in the ordinary life (you can whine legs, arms, back), which will increase in size, the abdomen may prove to be a bit smaller (muscles come in tone), but weighs shock: weight will be more. This happens because of the fluid retention in the tissues. To get rid of the excess fluid is not easy. The reaction of each organism to the physical effort, individual and unpredictable.

How you can lose weight in 2-3 days

On average, for two or three days a person can lose no more than two or three pounds. Depends on the age and sex. Men lose weight faster than women, teenager or child immediately reset the weight, but the people after thirty years of struggle, even with two kilos can be difficult. Additional information. People whose weight is in the normal range, for two or three days you can not lose weight. The reasons for the individual characteristics and the banal "continue to lose weight instead." It is important to keep in mind that during the first two or three days out the liquid enclosed in the tissues. The fat is not lost at all. After the diet is over, reset all will return in a few days. People with disorders hormonal, the weight is governed not only by force of will, but used for a day of the calories in such a short time (two to three days) usually lose very little: no more than a kilogram, if it is possible.

The schedule for each day

Looking forward to at all costs to lose a few kilos quickly, experts recommend acquire like-minded people, to exercise strength of will and the to buy a laptop. Most often, with diet down friends and household. In the first place, they will tell you that there is nothing to do, all well and good, and in the second place, to tempt with delicious dishes that weight loss is forbidden. So, here's a tip: it is necessary to find a person who will be cheering along the diet and not deviate from the last year.


How to lose weight fast, sticking to the plan

The diet was easy and discreet, it is recommended at this time for programming. You can call it "lose weight fast" and note down in a notebook everything that it is necessary to adhere to.

That is to say:

  • we recommend that you record the initial weight, although sometimes the best indicator of the loss of clothing. The simplest and only right to stay in the stairs in the morning after the hygiene of food;
  • thus, during the first days of the diet was not painfully hungry restricting calories coming from the food stands there are at least five or six times a day. This schedule must allocate time for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, which will take the maximum amount of food and calories, and time for a couple of sandwiches.

What exercise will help you lose weight fast

  • 9:00 – Breakfast;
  • 12:00 – afternoon snack;
  • 14-15 – lunch;
  • 17:00 – afternoon snack (also known as afternoon tea);
  • 19:00 – dinner.

On paper, the meals (even if someone decided to sit down without salt buckwheat) is not fear, as the idea that there is absolutely nothing. It turns out that almost all of the day eating. If the person who decided to lose weight quickly, trying to find time to exercise at home, and then at the same time approximate, it is easy to enter in a one hour session. For example, at lunch (if work permits or other business), sliding or removing a single snack, or after dinner. Super motivated people, for the first time, able to participate in several times a day, and someone losing weeks and even months. On the basis of this training were good, you need to adhere to certain rules: do not eat before class heavy food or do not eat and do not eat within two hours after exercise. These measures are in an emergency situation, stick to this plan can only be a certain number of days in the year, but there are people who like this, so you see it constantly.

How to prevent a return of weight

Additional information. The question of how to prevent the return of weight also popular as the dilemma of how to lose weight quickly. The answer to this question: not returning to your former way of life, and that was before the diet. Any short-term diets are bad because they are short. Fall in a certain number of pounds, pomestilas to the right, dress or suit, the person instantly loses the motivation, exhales and start to eat exactly the same as before. The weight loss returns, the scale shows more than the dress did not fit again, the man is upset, he begins to participate in the self-flagellation again, he decides to go hungry, but the body rebels against. That not only gives writing programs, but also stores a couple more kg on top of that, in the case of a new diet to me doesn't hurt. To prevent a return of the pounds lost during the short-term emergency diet, you can:

the result
  • not to return to their former way of life, not to eat as much as before, but make an exception to the power, which is a little bit to increase the incoming amount of calories;
  • not to abandon the exercise and find time for them in life, when the motivation;
  • do not eat foods harmful of which was abandoned for a time. In the fast-food, high-calorie "bomb" type of bars of chocolate, smoked meats, sausages, French fries and sugary soft drink is not good. And it would be good that all of them either disappear from life, or will appear in little, that is to say, in the form of exceptions.
  • do not go for fatty, salty and sweet of the day following the diet;
  • limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages. A glass of dry wine with dinner won't be anything bad, but if a lot of these glasses if they regularly appear in the table, and then in the stomach, the result will be the same: the increase of weight due to the excess of liquid calories. In addition, drink a bit of alcohol, the person stops to control the amount of food and eat more than planned.

Summary of the presentation, the following should be taken into account: they can quickly lose weight, but everyone in own way perceives the speed of the process. Someone, is to lose two kilos in two days, another ben ten for two months. The loss of weight in the short term, it is necessary to limit drastically the number consumed per day of calories and the increase of its consumption, adding daily high-intensity workout.