Diet Favorite

The name of the diet immediately attention call, so that the question arises: — what's your Favorite? And obvious that everyone wants to lose weight comfortably, without the feeling of hunger and as a result, finally satisfied. If you are for this, then look at this technique of getting rid of the most of kilos, maybe this will be the diet for you, your beloved people.

If you are looking for the real number how many kilos can you lose weight sitting in this diet, you will not find it. Someone lose weight 10 kg in a week, and someone struggling to lose 4-5 per kg. this can be Explained by the fact that each person has a Constitution of the body, genetics and the characteristics of the tendencies natural. You know what, the more complete a person, loses weight in this diet. On the other hand, with original works of art have 8-10 kg of extra pounds, quick reset does not always work. And because the body loses fat faster than muscle.

The essence of your favorite diet for 7 days

Diet choice for those people who want to get results and in the long term. The advantage of this method of weight loss and that and, of course, and impossible to miss is, each day has a name which, to the food bonus.


When using the un product is low in calories a day, even if, and really, lose the body the necessary energy to life, so that he is obliged to break down the cell dl cells of fat. Due to this, and the loss of weight.

There are two versions of the diet. If the video of the diet has a duration of 7 days, original works of art from three days of them drinking, interspersed with fruits, seeds, vegetables, proteins and ends with a mixture of day. Favorite diet for 12 days is divided into four stages, three days, which has its own food-specific. In each stage of the "three days" use the same type of products or yogurt, or apples, or vegetables, or protein-rich foods.

A Often this diet ca sit back and not recommended. Seven-day - not more often than every three months, for twelve days – once a year. And the effectiveness Function of the diet is illustrated by the fact that during the weight loss period the volume of the stomach decreases the digestive tract begins to function as a clock.

The pros and cons

We are The benefits:

  • short period of weight loss;
  • unlimited size of the portions;
  • purification of the body, the elimination of toxins.

Disadvantages are:

  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • jump in to the pressure of the blood;
  • the metabolism's slow down.


Contraindications for this program's total — who have a chronic disease you must avoid examining the video of the diet and looking for smooth. This method of losing weight and not recommended for those who have problems:

  • with the liver;
  • kidney;
  • with the cardiovascular system;
  • with the digestive system;
  • anemia;
  • he has violated the metabolism;
  • hormonal problem.

And also:

  • pregnant and lactating women;
  • adolescents;
  • the people are great.

Favorite diet for 7 days

To achieve the desired results, the body must prepare in advance. Slowly reduce or eliminate the flour, the confectioner's, d caloric high content " of food. Nadasuite meals, drink water more simple, more eat fruits and vegetables. These measures will prepare for the un-flow the most easy methods of loss of weight, and original works of art of the diet preferred of 7 days did not seem difficult and impossible. Preferably before you clean the gently bowels as a laxative.


1, 3 and 6 — drinking dies.

Three days of the week — drink: the first, third and sixth. In these days drink useful liquid. The pure water, vegetable juices (carrot, pumpkin, beets), natural juices, milk and drinks are consumed in unlimited quantities, as much as you want. If juices seem to be strong and saturated, dilute with water in a ratio of 1:1. The first drinking day starts the body to get rid of toxins, intercellular fluid it displaces, and the process of weight loss s start in the action.

And good to know! Easy weakness, dizziness, nausea, sometimes, accompany this diet, but if physical activity was kept to a minimum and the rest, more in the day, then the period will be easy.


2nd day of vegetables.

Day vegetable Vegetables consumed in any form – the steamed, baked, boiled. Try the diet to include more neck — white, of color, of color red. Their properties to burn fat at this time will remain in good place. Yes, and the rest of the vegetables that nourish the body with the vitamins, the minerals, the nutrients required, so that on this day, the greatest benefit always. Starchy vegetables and best avoided examine, such as potatoes or corn, without providing benefits.

Vegetables day a good variety of dishes: salads, salads, casseroles, a kind of mashed potatoes. The use of salt, condiments, and cholestiramine cannot, however, conventional species sense additives and allowed. The olive oil I have heard refine plant good helpers with this diet, as all the other oils may have a high caloric value, or simply not to approach the method of weight loss. Allowed to add Also the lemon juice and low-fat natural yogurt. I Mayonnaise and similar sauces to d today do not pass "face control". Vegetable day of the diet Favorite also have to drink at least 1.5 liters of plain water a sense of gas. The number of meals is limited to five, the number of servings recommended 300 gr.


4th day — fruits.

The fruit and very rich in vitamins useful. They are also very tasty and juicy. And advisable to choose a fruit and eat it about 1-2 kg per day. However, this can be made a day of fruit salads. Fill — natural sense sugar yogurt.

Prefer low in calories. Remember that bananas, figs and grapes – are excluded. Contain a lot of sugar and will prevent the desired to lose the number of pounds. You can lean on the pineapple and apple, rich in pectin, with the success of living with hunger. You should pay attention to a kiwi and grapefruit, they also have natural fat burner. But if you can't acquire enough of them, you can use any fruit – apricots, cherries, pears, plums, cherries. Do not eat fruit, to which you and allergic. I don't t forget to drink water simple!

Menu variety fruit of the day will depend on the station of what you decide to go to your diet Preferred for 7 days.

protein products

5th day — protein.

Finally, "real food"! Try to meet with joy about their appearance, adjust portions but I eat less more often. In protein a day diet for its permitted 6-7 hours.

On the fifth day of treating the body more important than food that will force the stomach to work, and the body more energy is spent on the processing of the products the protein. This means that the current process of loss of weight continued, in spite of the fact that these products s eliminates the feeling of hunger. In the first place, in the meat of chicken sense skin, fat and bones. Then, go to the menu to connect the legumes – peas, beans, lentils, chicken, hard-boiled egg whites, seafood, fish.

Cook for a couple of boil or you can cook – this rule and the principal of the diet.

Please note that the salt s add a minimum quantity, and best to exclude it. To improve the best flavor to spice the dish with parsley or a few drops of lemon juice.

Protein day do the portions moderate, I ate with a break of one three two hours. On this day, the body receives sufficient energy to quench frequency which can produce feelings of hunger gives me strength to continue the diet.


7th day — a mixture of day.

The main phase of the diet the past on the seventh day of the end of the preparation to go to a full power mode.

On this day, combining fruits, vegetables and protein, you can cook the soup, you can cook the vegetables, boil the flesh of birds. Afternoon tea and lunch diversify fruits and dishes from them. Were the Food in the menu of the previous six days.

The most important thing, to eat without salt and in small quantities.

The body, a rebuilt I no longer need to fill your stomach with food. Listening to the needs and not go on about the emotions and the desires. If the result and good, but m like to lose a bit more the following days can be as mixed seventh day.

Menu Diet for 7 days

Day of the week Food Dishes and foods for diets
1 day Breakfast A Cup of black or green tea sense sugar
Snack The un was of quefir or sense the sugar and yogurt
Lunch Chicken soup without salt — small dish
Snack The un was of quefir or sense the sugar and yogurt
Dinner Tea or low-fat yogurt
2-day Breakfast A salad with light tomatoes and cucumbers, add the thyme and a little olive oil
Lunch Braised cabbage with the carrots, the onion, add the eggplant.
Dinner Salad vegetables of your choice. Or a mix of steamed vegetables.
3-day Breakfast In the same way menu 1 day
4-day Breakfast A choose Any fruit, but not
Snack A or an Apple orange
Lunch Fruit fruit salad favorite
Snack Apple or pear
Dinner Fruit salad kiwi, Apple, pear I, dressed with low content of fat yogurt sense sugar
5 days Breakfast eggs soft-boiled or hard — 2 PCs
Snack The fish in the steam, the better to make fat varieties of fish
Lunch Cream soup of lentils red with slices of boiled breast
Snack The un glass of low content of fat yogurt or 100 g of cottage cheese
Dinner Chicken breast boiled
6-day Breakfast In the same way menu 1 day
7-days Breakfast 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese
Snack A choose Any fruit, but not
Lunch Steamed vegetables with chicken breast or fish
Snack Fruit or a glass of juice
Dinner Salad with fresh vegetables and herbs. A Cup of yogurt

The diet favorite of 12 — 14 days

In addition to the seven days of the diet, there is another option the video of the diet during days 12, I and easy to remember to follow. It is performed in four stages for three days:

  • Drink
  • Apple
  • Chicken
  • Wine and cheese

Drink stage three days with yogurt. Yogurt Buy any of content " in any amount in fat. Also These days clean drinking water filtered in a temperature environment. The own body to regulate the amount you need to drink liquids. Other drinks do not drink. As yogurt? Discover other ways to lose weight of this dairy product.

Apple phase or three days to the islands. These fruits can be eaten in any form, fresh, cooked, a kind of purée en in a smoothie, in juice or a fruit juice. Also sense restrictions. The water and clean and recommended up to a 2 liters per day.

Don't forget during the diet, take the un multivitamin, this will prevent the weakness and dizziness.

Chicken stages – three days. Chicken breast, already sense fat, cooked, without salt. Cooked meat poultry poultry eat as much as you want. If you think bad taste, and its hard drive allows you to season with parsley or lemon juice.

The final stage of the three days of wine and cheese. The un good red wine dry to take the un with slice of cheese. Observed in the ratio of thirty grams of cheese, 200 ml. of wine at a time.

Often this period in disarray with the loss of weight of the people, as tends to be the drink wine and healthy to the table and ours, which is not accepted to drink one every day. Because the wine in a period of 12 Favorite day of the diet, you can replace the pomegranate juice.

It was for the right to decide If you are Grupo extend l', up to 14 days, making your diet, so that its caloric value any weight 1200-1400 calories. These days eat vegetable stews, meat stews, vegetable soups. Calories To calculate the Internet you can find a calculator online.

Food Allows

Products The g protein Fat, g Carbs, g Calories, kcal
Milk and dairy products:
Yogurt (1.5% fat) 5 1,5 3,5 51
Low in fat quefir 3 0,1 3,8 30
Milk 2,8 3,2 4,7 58
Yogurt 2,8 3,2 4,1 58
Ryazhenka 3 6 4,1 85
Cheese Russian To 23.4 30 0 371
Dutch cheese 26,8 27,3 0 361
Cheese Poshehonsky 26 26,5 0 334
Melted cheese 24 13,5 0 226
Curd 18 0,6 1,5 86
Corn grits:
Buckwheat 12,6 2,6 68 329
Semolina 11,3 0,7 73,3 326
Oatmeal 11,9 5,8 65,4 345
L"barley 9,3 1,1 73,7 324
Millet 12 2,9 69,3 334
L"barley 10,4 1,3 71,7 322
Hercules 13,1 6,2 65,7 355
Oil, fats, margarine:
Linseed oil 0 99,8 0 898
Olive oil 0 99,8 0 898
Eggplant 0,6 0,1 5,5 24
Green peas 5 0,2 13,3 72
Zucchini 0,6 0,3 5,7 27
Col The 1.8 0 5,4 28
Cabbage, red, The 1.8 0 6,1 31
Cauliflower 2,5 0 4,9 29
Green onions (the pen) 1,3 0 4,3 22
Leek 3 0 7,3 40
Onion 1,7 0 9,5 43
Carrots 1,3 0,1 7 33
Cucumbers 0,8 0 3 15
Sweet pepper 1,3 0 4,7 23
Parsley (green) 3.7 V 0 8,1 45
Parsley (root) 1,5 0 11 47
Radishes 1,2 0 4,1 20
Rave 1,9 0 7 34
Naps 1,5 0 5,9 28
Salad 1,5 0 2,2 14
The beet 1,7 0 10,8 48
Tomatoes 0,6 0 4,2 19
Beans 4 0 4,3 32
Ramsons 2,4 0 6,5 34
All 6,5 0 21,2 106
Spinach 2,9 0 2,3 21
Sorrel 1,5 0 5,3 28
Fruits and berries:
Apricots 0,9 0 10.5 in 46
Pineapple 0,4 0 11,8 48
Cherry 0,8 0 11,3 49
Garnet 0,9 0 11,8 52
Pear 0,4 0 10,7 42
Figs 0,7 0 13,9 56
Peaches 0,9 0 10,4 44
Drain 0,8 0 9,9 43
Cherry 1,1 0 12,3 52
Apples 0,4 0 11,3 46
Orange 0,9 0 8,4 38
Grapefruit 0,9 0 7,3 35
Lemon 0,9 0 3,6 31
Mandarin 0,8 0 8,6 38
Blueberries 0,7 0 8,6 40
Blueberries 1 0 7,7 37
BlackBerry 2 0 5,3 33
Strawberries The 1.8 0 8,1 41
Blueberries 0,5 0 4,8 28
Currant 0,7 0 9,9 44
Chard 0,8 0 9 41
Black currants 1 0 8 40
Blueberries 1,1 0 8,6 40
Meat, poultry:
Beef 18,9 12,4 0 187
Horse 20,2 7 0 143
Rabbit 20,7 12,9 0 199
Beef 19,7 1,2 0 90
Turkey Of 21.6 12 0,8 197
Chicken 20,8 8,8 0,6 165
Two chickens 18,7 7,8 0,4 156
Chicken egg 12,7 11,5 0,7 157
Egg of quail 11,9 13,1 0,6 168
Fish and seafood:
Flounder 16,1 2,6 0 88
The tent 17,7 The 1.8 0 87
The tent 16 3,6 0 96
Ice 15,5 1,4 0 75
Bream 17,1 4,1 0 105
Grenadier 13,2 0,8 0 60
Pollock 15,9 0,7 0 70
Cod 16,1 1 0 73
Nero 17,6 5,2 0 117
Halibut 18,9 3 0 103
Whiting 16,1 0,9 0 72
Sudak 19 0,8 0 83
Cod 17,5 0,6 0 75
Tuna 22,7 0,7 0 96
Heck By 16.6 2,2 0 86
Pike 18,8 0,7 0 82
IDE 18,2 0,3 0 117
Prawns Eastern end 28,7 1,2 0 134
Squid 18 0,3 0 75
Crab 16 0,5 0 69
Prawns 18 0,8 0 83
Algae 0,9 0,2 3 5


The reasons for the failure of diets can be completely different:

  • bad mood, depression;
  • the festival, the holiday, the customers;
  • travel, holiday,
  • the lack of its support of loved ones.

When the interruption of the thing is not main and dramatize the situation. Do not try to compensate for the hunger calories eaten. In its place, follow the points:

  • make a salad of cabbage, vegetables, cucumbers, peppers;
  • take a half hour walk.
  • continue with the diet from the point on the left the day quefir — start with him.

The un's step back – if not and a loss!

the girl measures a hip-tape measure

How to improve the result

For reviews of the weight loss in your diet, in addition to the main program will be a small exercise, also wrap. As a physical activity suitable for walking, Pilates, yoga, view home workout for the legs.

Do you want to lose a couple of inches of thighs? If you fit in the wrapper, despite the fact of not having to go to an expensive salon, make un body wrap at home. It will require That, if a cream wrap, food wrap, hot blanket and a 30-40 minutes of free time. Before wrapping the skin clean scrub, then apply un-cellulite cream on thighs, wrapping your feet in paper of the film and climb under a blanket for 30 minutes. Rinse and apply the moisturizer.

House wrap up the need for an original work of art workout, a shower/bath 1-3 times a week. You should more of at least 10-12 procedures. The adjustment allow you to get rid of a few inches in the thighs and remove the ugly crust.


  • before the diet, consult with your doctor in order to I avoid examining problems problems with the body;
  • keep the un journal to count calories and control food;
  • in a diet to give up formacio, sports;
  • ditch the soda I bought at the store the other juices and full of sugar;
  • if you have constipation take dry bran, 30-40 g;
  • to prevent the migraines and weakness and to take the un multivitamin;
  • every day drink at least 2 liters of fluids – water with ginger-water with lemon, broth, etc.;
  • protein day, eat boiled chicken, clares egg, fish, shrimp;
  • nutritionists suggest in the accounts of cabbage and broccoli, because it has un effect great for burning fat.

The rules of the diet

Original work of art out of the diet gently, a little a little — not to put the blade fins, not to jump immediately to the high calorie fatty and sugary foods otherwise all the efforts will come to nothing.

More Pay attention to the letter, to make it varied, interesting and delicious. You can cook with soup, a minced with vegetables and egg casseroles, pots, vegetables, seafood, chicken in the oven with cheese. What un delicious and hearty menu for a day! Believe me this diet without gaining excess weight. The most important thing – make small portions, 150-250 gram I eat 4-5 times a day. Drink plenty of pure water filtered 2.5 liters per day. And less salt.

To keep the weight off and still lose weight, t would advise that you do it 1-2 days a week of fasting, selecting each day menu diet you'll always be in shape!

the before and after photos

The Before and the original painting photos

The comments about your Favorite diet

Favorite recognized as a sure the journal method of weight loss. Women like to sit there as a very divers understandable and tangible. Die Easy comments is drinking formidable and – protein. As in the results, comments with the most different slimming weight mean a weight loss of 2-4 kg, but those who have problems with serious excess weight to write about the most important results of 6-8 kg.