Yoga for weight loss: a set of exercises, suggestions, effectiveness

In search of a new one, not only diets are used, but also philosophical lessons. For example, with the help of regular yoga practice, you can achieve harmony with the external environment, the close environment and your body. A new direction in the fight against excess weight opens secret knowledge of the inner world and the control of vital processes responsible for metabolic processes.

set of exercises

The principle of yoga in the fight against excess weight

The most valuable thing that can be achieved by practicing yoga is well-being and a healthy psycho-emotional background. This is the best that a person can give himself because a healthy mind is born into a healthy body. There is now a lot of discussion about the effectiveness of yoga in the fight against weight loss.

Experts notice the following changes that have a beneficial effect on weight loss:

  • hormonal normalization;
  • regulation of the endocrine system;
  • suppressing appetite;
  • acceleration of metabolic processes;
  • improve blood circulation.

Furthermore, regular sessions have a positive effect on the overall condition:

  • prevention of cardiovascular diseases;
  • developing flexibility;
  • strengthening of muscle tissue;
  • joint stress relief;
  • strengthening the spine.

But it should be noted that not all areas of yoga contribute to weight loss.

more convenient to use:

  • pranayama (daily breathing complex);
  • hatha (every morning on an empty stomach);
  • ashtanga vinyasa (combined with cardio).

To effectively fight obesity, it is recommended to review dietary principles, giving preference to seafood, lean meats and fresh fruits / vegetables. Fatty, fried and smoked foods will hinder the weight loss process and the result can be gained in pounds.

What kind of yoga is best for you

If you decide to use one or more yoga techniques for weight loss, you should contact a trainer for tips and recommendations. In addition, you can watch video tutorials that fully introduce the technique of performing the exercises.

Yoga positions

You can choose one of the types of yoga for weight loss:

  • Ashtanga Vinyasais ​​energetic, looking for a good physical condition. Exercise uses energy hair to help redistribute energy throughout the body. Regular practice has a positive effect on mental health and clarity.
  • Hatharepresents the classic trend in yoga. The main principles are awareness and relaxation. When performing each exercise, you need to turn on your consciousness and feel every element. An important task of the technique is considered to be victory over your body without any violence. Muscle relaxation allows you to perform floral movements without feeling pain. But they come to this gradually, through regular training.
  • Kundaliniincludes exercises in combination with proper breathing. In the process of action, a person is immersed in meditation. The duration of meditation can vary from 3 minutes to 2. 5 hours. If you master this technique, a person realizes a sense of joy and fulfillment, which completely discourages thoughts about food.
  • Vishrantainvolves working more with the mind than with the body. In the process of practice, pacification, peace, physical relaxation are achieved. The technique relieves stress, depression and obsessive thoughts.
  • Nidrais ​​a bit like a visranta. To perform, you will need to fully relax in a pose with a muscle stretch. The body remains motionless for a long time. During exercise, brain activity functions. The technique eliminates fear, psycho-emotional blocks. During the session, thoughts are focused on certain images.

What you need for classes

Before you start mastering the technique, it is recommended to consult a doctor to rule out contraindications. Tips and at least introductory lessons from the coach will also be helpful. Next, a room is chosen for conducting classes. This can be a corner of the living room. The main thing is that loud noises and families do not interfere during the session. During the warmer months, you can do the exercises outdoors. Sun and grass are a great addition to your activity.

Many exercises are done in the supine and sitting position. For convenience, use a rug or mattress. Dresses should be light and elastic, allowing free stretching. You do not need to put anything on your feet. Yoga ensures the unity of its own and earthly energy.

When performing various elements, additional inventory may be required:

  • a support block that helps beginners master difficult asanas;
  • belt
  • for easier stretching.

Videos, instructions will be no less useful in home practice. To immerse yourself in the atmosphere corresponding to philosophical teachings, mantras and aromatherapy are required.

Basic rules

To understand at least the basics, you need to master the technique and follow some rules exactly:

you need to master the technique and follow some rules exactly
  • Before you take classes, you should do wet cleaning in the room and ventilate it.
  • Prepare a rug or mattress for floor exercises.
  • Do not eat before classes, and do not eat immediately after they are finished.
  • Sessions should be held daily for at least 15 minutes.
  • Breathe through your nose only during exercise.
  • Relaxation elements are recommended for post-menstrual exercises.
  • Pregnant women are allowed to include only light exercises in the complex.
  • Beginners need to assess their proper level and age. Consultation with a coach will be appropriate. For older people, hatha yoga and therapeutic areas are more suitable. Ashtanga Vinyasa is recommended for energetic young ladies.
  • When designing a training program, you should anticipate a gradual increase in workload: from simple elements to complex ones.
  • If you feel severe or severe pain during exercise, postpone exercise. If necessary, consult a doctor.
  • To use yoga for weight loss, endurance is important, so do not postpone the sessions. Regular behavior can be based on how it works: every other day, 3 times a week, every day, etc.

A set of exercises for weight loss


Body position, standing on mattress with arms folded and legs together. The right attitude. You have to stand for a few seconds. At this time, the abdomen is pulled up, which makes the abdominal muscles function. (All asanas performed in the standing position start from this position).



From a standing position, fold the arms at the chest like an Indian salute and bend one leg, placing the foot on the inside of the knee joint of the other leg. Raise your arms above your head and stand for a few seconds. Change body position by changing legs. When changing position, hands should be lowered to the chest.


From a standing position, jump with your legs and arms sideways. The legs should take a wider position than shoulder level. Turn the right foot to the right side, it should take a perpendicular direction relative to the left foot. Without bending your knees, bend to the right, trying to touch your right foot with the toes of your right hand.

It will be correct if the palm rests on the floor. At the same time, raise your left hand up, turn your head, directing your gaze to the fingers of your left hand. Stand for a few seconds. Further, the body assumes its original position and changes its position, but with a left turn.


Sit in a prone position on the mattress. Stretch your arms forward, start leaning towards your legs. You should hold your feet with your toes while not bending your knees. Lower your head, pressing your chin into your sternum. Hold the element for a few seconds and return to the supine position. Repeat the exercise several times until you have enough patience. Do not tolerate severe pain.


From a prone position, raise your legs and body to the "birch" position. Support your back with your hands, straighten your legs. Raise the element for 1 minute to start.

Janu sirshasana

Starting position - sitting on a mattress with legs and arms apart. Bend the right leg and adjust the foot to the outer thigh of the left foot (in the crotch region). Bend your body straight, grasping your left foot with your right hand. Place your left hand behind your back. At the same time, try not to bend your left leg.Janu shirshasanaHold the position for a few seconds and return to the starting position. Repeat the same steps, but changing sides.

All exercises are repeated 3-5 times in the initial stage. The time of holding the pose should be gradually increased. You do not need to endure sharp pain. The body will soon become accustomed to stretching movements and it will be possible to insert more complex elements.

How many kg can you lose weight

In combination with the right food, it is guaranteed that you can get rid of 4-8 kg in the first month. At the same time, you do not need to strain yourself with a heavy physical exertion and a feeling of hunger.

The process of dividing fat cells stored in different parts of the body, if all the rules are followed, will start from the third week.

In the first 14 days, the body gets rid of excess fluid, which in weight values ​​significantly exceeds fat indicators. Therefore, in the first 2 weeks, you can lose up to 10 kg, and in subsequent weeks, the result will be minus 1-2 kg.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • stabilization of the internal world and the work of internal organs;
  • gradual weight loss prevents weight gain;
  • is ​​suitable for all ages;
  • The
  • exercises aim at flexibility and strengthening the chest corset;
  • normalizes the mental-emotional state;
  • improves the functioning of internal organs and vital systems.


  • the result of weight loss is gradual and not fast;
  • hard to find motivation;
  • it is impossible to achieve results without mastering the technique.


  • disorders of the internal organs;
  • hypertension;
  • ARI, ARVI;
  • infections;
  • oncological diseases;
  • craniocerebral trauma.

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should be postponed. It is also not recommended to practice exercises during rehabilitation after receiving serious injuries or surgery.


I have been doing Kundalini yoga for 5 months, and have recently started owning hatha. I like to do muscle stretching exercises. After 2 weeks of training, the pain in the knee joints disappeared. I started putting on my feet again, which for 8 years I could not wear for more than 10 minutes. During the lessons, I did not notice that my favorite things became 1, and then 2 larger sizes. My achievement in such a short period of time is minus 12 kg. But more surprising is the excellent state of health and the absence of headaches.

I have been practicing Hatha Yoga for the second year already. I started studying after giving birth, which was very difficult and weakened my health. I feel great now. Thanks to a series of exercises, the figure is in perfect condition. I recommend everyone to try to gain harmony with their body and those around them.

I was skeptical about my husband's advice to try yoga for weight loss. He has been doing this for 7 years, I love photography more than I earned a living. Dynamics, creativity and creativity have always been my companions. And then yoga - calmness, easy posture and so on. . . Frivolity, I thought. Six months have passed and now I realize what I was missing. Harmony and prudence settled in my heart. And thanks to hatha, the figure gradually began to take a good shape. Of course, yoga is not a diet, you can not lose a lot of weight at once in a month. But there was no going back for my losses either.