How to lose weight in a week

The question of how to lose weight in a week, in general, we urgently need to when un important event to prepare. Then, the body, a subject the un exam severe: rapid weight loss diet, diligent exercise, take the medication to clean your stomach and in other forms of any kind. Of course, in the short term will not work to get rid of a great mass, but to lose 3 – 7 kg and more realistic. To lose weight quickly, you need to use the set of methods that consists of physical exercise, good nutrition, called walks long in the fresh air and a healthy sleep.

The weight loss and diet for weight loss, that a house can lead to negative consequences, such as disruption, disturbance of metabolism, worsening of the mood. A This possible only in the case that the approach to the process of weight loss and slightly exhausting with the body to hunger. In fact, sometimes enough to leave harmful products in favor of useful, and you don't have to sit on it or drink water diuretics. Before you choose a proper diet, remember that losing a great of weight in a short period of time can negatively affect the internal organs. Set better So that a small and realistic objectives (2 – 3 kg) and the approach of the long-awaited goal little by little.

How to lose weight in a week sense to diet?

To lose weight in a week sense exhausted the diets, you need to restrict caloric intake. Preference Given to a five-single food, as the meals frequently in small quantities, contribute to the rapid metabolism. If you don't ' like to count the calories in their meals, to add weight loss menu negative calorie food. This means that to produce large amounts of energy, promoting fast fat loss. These products include vegetables, herbs, and fruits fruits, spices.

The best way to lose weight sense to diet proper nutrition. Please reconsider your menu and refrain from junk food, cooked by the manufacture. Eliminate sugar, fats, fried foods from flour, sweets and foods with preservatives. Food nutritionists recommend 5 times a day every 2 – 3 hours.

Plant foods promotes the excretion of toxins, so what makes losing weight fast. Products Of the meat consumed during the diet of lean meat and fish.

Fast For weight loss the motivation and important. Remember how comfortable sent, the sense of the big belly and how it fits the dress a couple of sizes smaller. Often look in the mirror and the volume measuring tape measure. As soon as you can see, the first quick result of the weight loss, don't want to go back to old eating habits.

You diet to lose weight

You need to reach out to the un dress nice, and don't know what to do with a few more pounds, pay attention to your diet. From excess calories and lack of exercise in waist fast see a new cm. If you are already planning on how to lose weight in a week, so the time has come extra weight loss. You have to limit your menu to quickly get slim figure.

What loss the diet most you?

  • Extra weight loss of 10 kg in the are allowed quefir diet. And very popular as it makes the intestinal microflora. To diversify the menu in the first day of the potato "in uniform", on the second day curd on the third day of the fruit in the fourth day – or cooked chicken breast, and on the fifth day of vegetables. Sixth day, do fasting and drinking only mineral water. On the seventh day, except the yogurt menu, add a small amount of fruit.
  • If you do not know where to quickly put the extra 7 kg, which will be buckwheat diet for weight loss. Hearty This product low in calories that allows you to get rid of feelings of hunger. Menu of the week consist only of grains, additives sense. Diversified menu of low content of fat yogurt, and at the end of the week, a couple of slices of plum. The benefit of this offers a diet that has almost no contraindications, and the food, though, and suitable for people with disorder gastric.

A more easy to lose weight in a menu true? We offer un sketch of the diet for a week, which quickly helps to lose 7 kg.

Graph of weight loss Products Drinks
Monday: vegetable of the day vegetables which have been boiled, baked or raw ginger tea, water
Tuesday: day of cold 3 times a day of lean meat, 250 grams (boiled chicken or rabbit) water, herbal teas
Environment: low-carb day fruit, yogurt water, tea / coffee, sugar
Thursday: soup of the day barley soup, borscht, vegetable soup club soda, water, coffee or tea
Friday: fish of the day fish and some vegetables yogurt
Saturday: day of flour cakes and pies in moderation water
Sunday vegetable of the day boil the potatoes, vegetables, condiments, ginger tea / coffee

The people who have the strength of will and an overwhelming desire to finish what you have started, you can try the un-fast "skinny diet", it really lose weight up to 7 kg per week. It is a European system of weight loss with a low calorie menu.

The menu is designed for a set dies:

  • 1 liter of fresh milk, tea, mineral water.
  • 200 g of low content of fat, cottage cheese, lemon juice and natural sense sugar.
  • Mineral Water.
  • Sense of 4 juice sugar, potatoes, or cooked "in uniform".
  • 5 apples, water.
  • The Boiled chicken breast without salt (small piece), 800 ml of juice.
  • 1 liter of kefir.

Quickly get rid of 3 kilograms I was purified from the cholesterol and free radicals of oats, flour will help you diet for weight loss. Before you start a diet, you need to cleanse the body of toxins boiled rice. For this, they prepare a kind of pudding with 4 tablespoons of cereal and a liter of water. Drain the liquid impossible. The mixture resulting should be the drink for 5 hours without anything to eat. Original work of art in the procedures of purification, the food menu should consist of oatmeal. It can be small amount of eating fruit, except grapes and bananas.

The weight loss diet and prohibit pregnant and nursing women. Quickly get rid of a few of sense damage-free for the health of the mother and the baby only for a balanced diet proper.

Please keep in mind that the diet for the un product, you can observe there are not more than a week, following the instructions, otherwise it will start to fail in the body. But you can lose in a few short centimeters volume. In addition to oats and buckwheat diet for weight loss popular diet is considered to be cucumber, cheese and carrot.

Pick up physical exercise

At the same time, the loss of weight in a week at home and improve the tone of the skin through physical exercise. Fat burning process will be faster if you increase the energy of the body.

The Year Plie

We offer simple exercises that can quickly bring the body back in order.

The year "Plies" to improve the condition of the hips. Take the dumbbells, place your feet wide d shoulders, keep your back flat. Squat un-level about the knees of the un right-angled shape relative to the floor. Original works of art make the curves of the body. Repeat the exercise 12 times.

The exercise "Combo attacks" and correct also files and the thighs and buttocks. Stand right up, grab the dumbbells I do lunges forward, relying as an alternative on the right and on the left leg. The back should be straight, and hands reach up to the leg in a position that is folded. Enough 3 exercise 10 times.

The exercise called "leg swings" can get rid of cellulite. Turned in "rest position", the stretch the legs and arms, connect the feet. During the exercise try to keep the pelvis does not rise. Alternatively, do leg swings 10 to 16 times with one foot. 3 Do exercises.

The year and "Curl" helps to lose weight in the stomach and sides. Lie down on your back, stretch your hands and legs place, behind her head. Leg liftsA little a little raise your shoulders off the floor, making a pause in this position and seconds for 3 to go down. Try not to pull your elbows forward and follow your breath. The chin should be raised. Do this exercise 10 times for 2 sets.

For the study of the press lie lower on your back and raise your legs up. Do exercise 10 times l, follow the rhythm.

In a week you can get visible results with jumping rope, Running and exercises with hula Hoop. Take exercise for 30 to 40 minutes a day.

Heavy weight of formacio help to retain water in the body, which increases the volume. If you want to lose weight in a week, limit yourself to aerobic exercises.

In addition, physical exercise, nutrition and diet don t forget about drinking regime. You should drink of the un minimum of 2 litres of pure water per day.

Excess weight in children

And very important to control weight since the childhood, especially the extra inches on the waist that worries adolescent girls to lose weight fast, secret from parents about the pill, starving and debilitating the body with strict diets for weight loss. In childhood, excess weight threatens their health. Although The body and weak and is not yet completely formed. This can lead to deformation of the spine, heart problems and metabolic disorders, the physical discomfort and psychological and complex. If it is the weight see your fill up to 3 years, you should consult immediately with a doctor how to choose a diet to lose weight no harm to the body and impossible.

Beat The enemies of the growing and emerging body – sweets, meats, fried foods and fast food. The main task of parents to children to explain why these are foods best not to drink, and, of course, exclude them from the family menu. If you are already faced with an overweight child, there is a need to plant it in a diet to lose weight. To teach a fractional a healthy diet, participating in fitness load and exercise, check that they are of duration of not less than 8 hours, I walk in the open air is carried out as often as possible and the weight loss does not keep waiting.

To achieve results in the loss of weight of the child, start with yourself. Check the family menu, stop buying harmful products I tried more time together in the open air and practice sport during the formacio.

Proper For the nutrition of the child from the menu, you should take fast carbs (candy and cookies) and fats (meats and fish). In addition, try to limit the consumption of high-calorie dishes, this means that the potatoes and pasta you can eat, but not more often 2 times a week. Add in the daily menu more fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Try to make sandwiches as useful as possible to offer cucumbers, carrots, fresh radish. Remember that in any case can not be un child of his age, to sit on a diet to lose weight. The meals should be is, not to disrupt the work of the stomach. Physical activity should be in moderation. Vigorous exercise is contraindicated in the younger body. Simple If you follow these rules, you don't have to think about what to do with overweight children and to make the un separate menu.


As we can see, the weight loss in a week is a realistic, if you should change your lifestyle, get rid of bad habits and balance menu. You can choose extreme ways to lose weight, but remember that they are of full consequences. Early a break and return to normal life or treatment of the diseases of the digestive tract, cardiovascular, endocrine, or system, and to choose the best best option to one of the healthy food and food sports activities. Remember that you need the result in a week, so have patience, which is not and so long.

"When he lose weight quickly, first I do one day of fasting in kefir, original works of art and try to eat cereal, that fill with water at night. In addition to the diet that the menu alternative of buckwheat, rice, corn and cereals, oatmeal, and also to clean the of good intestines and get trace vitamins, minerals and beneficial they are for the"body."

"It helped me quickly lose weight 10 kg in a diet of raw food grains. As I am content that the time it learned of this diet, diets other because I don't. Only if the lack of motivation, easy to break down the sense of achieving the desired results. Just think through the menu in advance and recipes and throw all the unhealthy food out of the fridge."

"Often m sit on different diets, I get I always lose weight quickly for a while. But original work of art I relax and once again have to restrict their diet I went on a diet. Identify the most-you buckwheat diet, that's only in a week you can lose fins 7 kg."