How to lose 7 kg in a week at home?

how to quickly lose weight at home with 7 kg

Losing weight within a week is a common goal that usually happens towards summer. Once a woman realizes that she will soon have to undress and expose her fats, there is an urgent need for rapid weight loss.

Is it possible to lose 7 kg in just one week? It depends on your age, metabolic characteristics and, of course, motivation. Let’s talk about what you need to do to lose weight so fast.

1. Proper nutrition

What is the usual recommendation to eat when you are overweight? Avoid fatty, sweet and starchy foods. Do not eat after six. Eat breakfast. Eat in fractions. All these standard tips are good only for those people who do not need to lose 7 kg per week at home. If you are trying to lose weight as fast as possible, you need to tighten your diet.

Ideally, it would be good to skip the food altogether. But this is hardly possible. Above all, you need energy to go to work and do the housework. Lack of food in the gastrointestinal tract is very harmful to health. In addition, you just can not survive a whole week without food because of the feeling of hunger, which will constantly torment you.

Therefore, you still need to eat. You should only eat foods with an energy value of less than 50-80 kcal per 100 grams of weight. And calorie intake should be limited to 500-600 per day. This will make you feel more or less normal as your stomach will be full. But body weight will start to drop quickly due to acute nutritional deficiencies.

Here are the foods that will form the basis of your diet for the next 7 days:

  • raw vegetables;
  • frutat;
  • mushrooms;
  • low-fat dairy products;
  • seaweed;
  • seafood.

Salt, spices, herbs are allowed. Fat, sugar, any beverage, except water, unsweetened tea and coffee are prohibited. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids. First, it will keep you feeling full. Second, dehydration slows down the weight loss process. In case of severe hunger, you can eat a tablespoon of oats or wheat bran with a glass of water.

2. Physical activity

Diet alone is not enough for rapid weight loss. You want to do the impossible - lose 7 pounds at home in just one week. Even within a month, most people do not manage to lose so much fat. Therefore, to achieve your goal, you have to try hard.

If you work hard at work, fine. But not enough for rapid weight loss. Furthermore, you need training in the gym, running, swimming, cycling. Try not to stay home for a minute. You need to expend as much energy as possible over the next 7 days.

Even if you feel like you no longer have the strength, get up again and go for a walk or to the gym. Believe me, you have enough energy in your body. To make sure of this - touch the sides and stomach. If there is something hanging there, then you will not die of hunger and overload in the near future. You need to squeeze all the fluids out of yourself so that the body is forced to convert subcutaneous fat into energy.

Under no circumstances should you lie on the couch and wait for the excess weight to disappear on its own. Big goals require a lot of effort. If you can no longer do sports, get energy drinks or drink coffee. If that does not help, train hard. If you can not, just walk to lose calories. If you can no longer walk, then crawl. This process will still take more energy than sitting in front of the TV.

3. Slimming drugs

You will need to take medication to speed up weight loss. They will also speed up energy release. This will also increase your calorie expenditure per unit time and provide you with the energy you need for training. To lose weight faster, you will need stimulant medications.

Read the preparation instructions carefully. Be aware that you may have side effects. Their likelihood increases because you lose weight from diet and constant physical activity. All these medicines have contraindications. Therefore, choose the medicine carefully, taking into account your state of health.

4. Removing excess fluid

You probably know that most weight loss drugs do not actually break down fat, they just remove water from the body. The manufacturers of these products claim that any "excess fluid" accumulates in your body, which prevents you from losing weight. Of course this is not true. And yet, if you want to lose 7 kg of weight within a week, you can not do without diuretics.

it is undesirable to use strong medicines. Against the background of nutritional deficiencies and a large loss of electrolytes during exercise, they can harm health. Better buy yourself a regular weak slimming tea. Contains diuretic herbs that will quickly reduce body weight.

Do not use diuretics from the first days of the diet. They will still not be able to remove more fluid than your body will allow. So it is best to start diuretic therapy towards the end of your marathon - on the sixth or seventh day of the diet. So you save yourself unnecessary hassle and it does less harm to your health.

5. Removal of excess feces

If you clean the contents of the intestines, you can become much easier. Just imagine how much has accumulated there! Certainly not fat. But when a lot of stool accumulates in your digestive tract, your stomach looks rounder. And the scales show more round numbers. After all, they do not know how to calculate the amount of fat in your body, but they measure the amount of everything inside you.

By the end of the 500-600 kcal per day diet, your intestines will not have much stool. But again you can lose 1-2 pounds of weight by removing its contents. Why not use this simple way to satisfy your degree? Take laxatives on the sixth and seventh days of the diet. When it comes time to make an assessment, you will weigh a little less.


It is likely that with the help of our method you can lose 7 pounds in a week. But that does not mean you will get rid of 7 pounds of fat. Muscle mass will decrease, fluid will leave the vessels, feces from the intestines. Fat loss will be small - a maximum of 2-3 pounds. At the same time, you are unlikely to look better after such a heavy diet and physical activity. Therefore, it is better to start losing weight in advance, so as not to rush and get a consistent result.